Cases of application

Examples of applications in different fields

Epitum 3D printers are designed and manufactured by expert engineers to make your tasks easier and faster. Learn about the power of 3D printing and its applications in your field.

Epitum is ready for any task

Our equipment is perfect for various fields of production. We are ready for all of your ideas!

Epitum is ready for any task
  • Precise printing

    Fast, high-precision printing, convenient for production.

  • Automation

    Integrated print management systems, in-house software, and available material profiles.

  • Active chamber heating

    Helps to create stronger models thanks to better sintering of the layers.

  • Software development

    We develop all of our software ourselves, including firmware and slicer.

Areas of application

The presentation describes the projects of our customers and partners who use 3D printing in their work on a regular basis



Procurement of 3D printers for high schools and universities, research, and prototyping.



Dentistry, orthopedics, prosthetics, implantology, guides and models in surgery, craniofacial surgery.



Tuning, prototyping, tooling, and functional parts production for vehicles.



Layout, conceptual modeling, design and development workflows.

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